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Mark Greenwood is a history hunter. He enjoys searching for lost explorers and glittering treasure, delving into mysteries and solving famous cold cases. Most of all, he loves sharing the stories that he finds. Mark’s books include The History Mystery series, Jandamarra with Terry Denton and Simpson and his Donkey with Frane Lessac. His award-winning books about Australia’s history have been published around the world.

Mark’s new book is a lyrical story that communicates through stone, the theme of geological wonder, solitude, special memories and places. The Book of Stone invites readers to contemplate nature’s wonders – from the complex geometry of crystals, to birthstones and gemstones, to meteorites from Mars and beyond, to the human use of stone in axes and arrow heads. The book supports key curriculum areas of science, nature, art, English and more – and provides many learning opportunities for exploration, through both the written and visual elements. “I’ve collected stones of all shapes and sizes since I was young and I’m excited to share my passion in a book that explains the special connection that can be enjoyed when one pays attention to the stones that are all around us and can mean so much, if we take the time to appreciate them.”

On 20 July 2019, the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first-time humans set foot on the moon – and earlier this year Mark celebrated that momentous anniversary with the publication of Moonwalkers, illustrated by Terry Denton.

Mark and Terry have previously worked together on Jandamarra and Boomerang and Bat. They remember when Apollo 11 blasted off. The whole world was watching. Moonwalkers shares the excitement of space exploration with a new generation and highlights Australia’s role in one of humanity’s greatest achievements.

Mark is a history hunter. He enjoys solving baffling mysteries, searching for glittering treasure and seeking lost stories. His book, The Happiness Box, illustrated by Andrew McLean, was recently selected as a 2019 CBCA Honour Book and shortlisted for the West Australia Premier’s Book Award. The Happiness Box is the little-known story of a book that was created by Australian prisoners of war for children interned in Changi Prison, Singapore. The original book, written to chase away fear and inspire hope and said to contain the secrets to happiness, is now a National Treasure of Australia’s Great Libraries.

Mark will be touring nationally and internationally during 2019 and 2020, speaking about The Book of Stone, Moonwalkers, The Happiness Box and his other award-winning books

As a musician, Mark spent many years touring, recording and performing with the world’s foremost musicians. Now he enjoys working with students of all ages, inspiring and developing their natural curiosity about books, writing and rhythm.

“My task as a writer is to fossick stories that ‘sparkle’ and make us want to read, hear and understand.

The ‘spark’ to write may be something as simple as a dog-eared photo with a question that teases the imagination or an artifact that generates interest and discussion – a nugget of gold, a relic of war, a shipwreck coin.

Research has led me to the island of angry ghosts on a search for shipwreck treasure and to the hallowed beach at Gallipoli. In Central Australia I sat in the cave where, suffering from thirst and starvation, Lasseter wrote his last farewell in a crumbled diary. These journeys of discovery help me balance creative interpretation with historical authenticity. Being in the setting I’m writing about, where the historical events actually occurred, is one of the crucial stages in bringing history to life.

The ultimate purpose of research is to become steeped in a period so that in my dreams and imaginings I can walk undetected in the past. If I’m lucky I can get close enough to read the expression in my character’s eyes or hear the tone of their voice.”