Arbeat Publishers

The Book of Stone

Written by Mark Greenwood and Coral Tulloch

ISBN 9781760650872
Walker Books Australia

Mark’s new book is a lyrical story that communicates through stone, the theme of geological wonder, solitude, special memories and places. The Book of Stone invites readers to contemplate nature’s wonders - from the complex geometry of crystals, to birthstones and gemstones, to meteorites from Mars and beyond, to the human use of stone in axes and arrow heads. The book supports key curriculum areas of science, nature, art, English and more - and provides many learning opportunities for exploration, through both the written and visual elements. “I’ve collected stones of all shapes and sizes since I was young and I’m excited to share my passion in a book that explains the special connection that can be enjoyed when one pays attention to the stones that are all around us and can mean so much, if we take the time to appreciate them.”





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