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I enjoy sharing the creative process with students of all ages and backgrounds, inspiring them to develop their curiosity about books, writing and the rhythm of language. In my presentations and workshops, I discuss the origins for my books and the research involved in creating narrative non-fiction, and stages involved in preparing my work for publication. My presentations and workshops focus on imaginative and persuasive writing in a fun and engaging way. Using characters and objects as writing prompts, I address many areas of NAPLAN assessment such as character development, story planning, organising ideas, word choice, editing and much more.

“Our past is full of adventures and curious, larger-than-life characters. It is a rich vein of material for writers and storytellers.”

“Stories are like fossils, buried deep in our imagination. Writers are like archaeologists, excavating the story, brushing away layers of time.”

“The goal of research isn’t just to gather documents and collect information. To tell the story requires imagination and enthusiasm.”